Emery Theatre 11.11.11


The Requiem Project is an initiative to reinvigorate the Over The Rhine neighborhood of downtown Cincinnati through the renovation and reopening of the Emery Theater.  Last night was the launch of the project, celebrated with music, dance and art.  Headlined by hometown favorites gone national, Over the Rhine, the night was a smashing success.  Even with nationally and globally acclaimed artists and musicians, the real star of the night was The Emery itself.  There’s a special beauty in the peeling paint and dusty corners.  There’s a history of a venue that was home to some of the world’s biggest stars through it’s years.  Though the Emery is certainly shows it’s age and the scars of a rough decade or so, it wears them with grace and elegance unmatched in the tri-state area.

I for one, am excited to see what the future holds for the Emery Theatre.

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Brian Bruemmer