Bunbury Music Festival 2012

Day 1

It’s not every day that a person has the opportunity to enjoy two of his biggest passions at once.  A few weekends ago I had the amazing pleasure of being a member of the Bunbury Music Festival photo team.  For the whole weekend myself and a few other talented photographers partnered with the folks at 2060 Digital to post photos and video throughout throughout each day to various social media outlets.  It was really an honor to be a part of the inaugural festival and the near-real-time documentation of the event.

Here’s a quick wrap-up of my day 1 experience…

  • Favorite moment: Being close enough to reach out and touch Perry Farrell and Dave Navarro
  • Least favorite moment: when my memory card from the first 4 hours of the festival stopped working
  • Best show of the day: Foxy Shazam
  • Best new discovery (for me): Capital Cities
  • Best surprise: Air conditioned tents for Techbury

Day 1 included acts such as Capital Cities, Ra Ra Riot, Foxy Shazam, Airborne Toxic Event, Jane’s Addiction and more.  Photos from all 3 days are at the bottom of this post

Day 2

After a long a sweaty first day I was a bit less enthusiastic about being on my feet in 90+ degree heat for another 10-12 hours.  Fortunately, by the time I arrived at the media tent my feet and legs had loosened up and the excitement set in as I hit the stages and started another great day of music.

Here’s a quick wrap-up of my day 2 experience…

Day 2 included acts such as Manchester Orchestra, Bright Light Social Hour, Grouplove, Weezer and more. Photos from all 3 days are at the bottom of this post

Day 3

It was bittersweet as the weekend came to a close.  Some of the bands I was most looking forward to were still to come but I was definitely sad to see such a weekend end (my feet were very happy though).  Contrary to what the weather men had said, we managed to avoid any rain on Friday and Saturday.  Sunday though, we weren’t quite so lucky.  During Belle Histoire’s set (who I was really looking forward to) we were bombarded with a crazy amount of rain.  I caught a few songs and then retreated to the media tent to shelter myself and my camera gear.

The rain passed as quickly as it started and the festival went on with slightly adjusted set times in order to not cancel any band’s show.  Right after the rain storm I caught one of my current favorite bands, Maps & Atlases.  Such a pleasure to see them live.  The rest of the day went off without a hitch and the evening closed with an amazing set from Death Cab For Cutie.

Here’s a quick wrap-up of my day 3 experience…

  • Favorite moment: Enjoying a well-deserved beer fromChristian Moerlein Brewing Co. with my fellow photogs at the end of the festival.
  • Least favorite moment: The complete downpour when shooting Belle Histoire. I was really looking forward to them but had to take shelter to protect my gear.
  • Best show of the day: Neon Trees… Holy. Crap.
  • Best new discovery (for me): The Deep Dark Woods
  • Best surprise: Gigantic yellow balls released during the Guided By Voices show.

Day 3 included acts such as Maps & Atlases, Neon Trees, Guided By Voices, Death Cab For Cutie and more. Photos from all 3 days are at the bottom of this post.


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