Mayer Hawthorne / Quadron – Madison Theater

Mayer Hawthorne’s music is a bit of a throwback to old school soul and even a bit of Steely Dan influence. Hawthorne’s band came out and played for about 30s by themselves when Mayer then stepped out of a doorway installed in a giant LED light broken heart. I’ve long thought that the days of well-crafted, thoughtful, catchy pop music were behind us in favor of manufactured schlock that 99% show and 1% substance. Mayer Hawethorne gives me hope. His music is ridiculously catchy. I don’t think anyone could listen to his most recent album “Where Does This Door Go” and not tap a foot, bob a head or just break out and dance. Hawthorne’s live show is the same experience but exponentially more infectious. The stage presence of Mayer and the band was classic soul, from the suits to the occasional coordinated spins, it made me feel like I was seeing someone who the performance of music as seriously as the writing of it. As seriously as they take their show, it’s overflowing with smiles from the band and Mayer. I absolutely love seeing a band that is absolutely loving being on stage performing, it makes the experience that much richer.

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Brian Bruemmer