Black Owls / The Ready Stance – The Redmoor

Play It Forward is a non-profit organization that aids musicians in Cincinnati.  Their mission is to be a comprehensive resource
for the working, independent musicians of the Tri-State.  They really are a fantastic organization the supports the music industry in Cincinnati in a number of ways including legal seminars, facilitates access to affordable healthcare, and more.  On December 8, 2012 PIF put on an event at The Redmoor featuring live music from Black Owls and The Ready Stance as well as concert photography from a number of local photographers to raise funds for the organization.  I had the pleasure of showing a selection of my photos and donating  50% of my sales to PIF.

The photos on display were amazing and the bands were in top form.  It was a really great night of artists and musicians coming together for a great cause.  It never ceases to amaze me how much talent there is in this city.

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Brian Bruemmer