Bunbury Music Festival 2013

Day 1

Last year’s Bunbury Music Festival was such a blast that I was already looking forward to this year’s immediately after.  Thankfully the weather was a bit milder this year as we began the weekend.  Here’s a bit about day 1

  • Favorite moment: The well deserved beer at the end of the day after successfully shooting 19 bands!
  • Least favorite moment: When I realized that I had been so busy that I forgot to eat.
  • Best show of the day: Walk The Moon
  • Best new discovery (for me): The Dunwells
  • Best surprise: All access passes for this year!

Day 1 included acts such as Beat Club, The Features, Youngblood Hawke, Tegan and Sara, Fun., and more.  Photos from all 3 days are at the bottom of this post

Day 2

Having done a few multi-day music festivals I’ve noticed a trend.  On the first day I bust my ass like crazy, on the second day I take a  more measured approach and on the third day I finally find a good pace.  Needless to say, after scurrying from stage to stage to catch 19 bands on day 1 I was pooped.  On day two I planned my day with a bit more time to enjoy the festival.

Here’s a quick wrap-up of my day 2 experience…

  • Favorite moment: Tyler from Twenty One Pilots vaulting off of his piano and sending it crashing down on it’s back.
  • Least favorite moment: Walking to the farthest east stage and then realizing I need to be at the farthest west stage 5 minutes ago.
  • Best show of the day: They’re not exactly my favorite type of music, but best show was hands-down, Twenty One Pilots
  • Best new discovery (for me): We Are Scientists
  • Best surprise: Robert DeLong

Day 2 included acts such as Chairlift, The Mowgli’s, Cake and more. Photos from all 3 days are at the bottom of this post

Day 3

The last day is always both a relief and a bit sad.  After three days hanging out with a bunch of photographers and music nerds it’s a bummer to realize that there’s still a life outside of the music festival bubbles we had been living in for a few days.  This year’s festival was an absolute blast and I was honored to work with such a great group of people on the social media and photography teams!

Here’s a quick wrap-up of my day 3 experience…

  • Favorite moment: Being in the photo pit when Belle & Sebastian played Cuckoo.
  • Least favorite moment: For the second year in a row, my least favorite moment is the rain storm that came through in the late evening.
  • Best show of the day: The National
  • Best new discovery (for me): Ben Knight
  • Best surprise: Gregory Alan Isakov

Day 3 included acts such as Joe Purdy, Savoir Adore, High Highs, Bethesda, Black Joe Lewis, Yo La Tengo  and more. Photos from all 3 days are at the bottom of this post

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Brian Bruemmer