Frontier Ruckus / Pomegranates – Southgate House Revival

Frontier Ruckus is a Detroit, MI based band whose music straddles the genres of folk, americana and bluegrass. With unique instrumentation including banjo, trumpet, melodica and most interestingly, the saw. This was my first show in partnership with and I was only partially familiar with Frontier Ruckus.  Having listened to them off and on for the past few months, I must say, they are so much more fantastic live!  And that’s not to say that their recordings are lacking in any way, but the energy and organic feel of their live show was out of this world.

Pomegranates are a local Cincinnati band who has had growing buzz in the indie rock scene over the last few years.  Their influences, cited as bands like the Talking Heads and Spiritualized, show through without being too overt.  Pomegranates songs are well-crafted and punchy and their live performance followed suit.

I look forward to many more shows in the future with!

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Brian Bruemmer