Ryan Bingham / Honeyhoney – Taft Theatre

After the success of the movie Crazy Heart and winning a Grammy and a Golden Globe for “The Weary Kind” that he co-wrote with T-Bone Burnett, Bingham has continued to release raucous rock-tinged country.  Most recently he released “Tomorrowland” which he’s touring in support of right now.  Honeyhoney is a folk/country band that is really up-and-coming right now and they set the mood perfectly with their set.  It’s tough to make a room as big as the Taft Theater feel personal, but they managed to have banter with the crowd and effectively shrink the room like you were seeing them in a much smaller venue.  Bingham continued the personal feel of the show but infused an amount of party atmosphere that I didn’t think was possible in a fixed seating theater.  The taft theater felt more like a honky tonk than an ornate theater, and I mean that in the absolute best way.

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Brian Bruemmer