Rush – Riverbend Music Center

I’ve had the good fortune to meet a decent number of famous people from my time as a musician and a photographer.  Rarely have I been as starstruck as I was when Rush took the stage at Riverbend Music Center.  As a bass player, there’s not much that equals seeing and photographing one of the most iconic bassists in rock history.  There were moments during the  our 3 songs in the photo pit that I had to remind myself that I needed to take photos instead of watching Geddy Lee put on a clinic.  In this year to date I have shot 27 shows and two multi-day music festivals, totaling up to 98 bands.  Of those 98 bands, Rush has been one of my favorites to see and shoot.  It’s hard to rank them since there have been so many amazing shows, but the top 2 or 3 for certain.  If you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing Rush yet, I’d highly recommend it.  They’ve certainly not lost a step and can still take crowds to musical heights that most bands can only dream of.

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Brian Bruemmer