The Wood Brothers / Piers Faccini & Dom La Nena – 20th Century Theater

I’ve been to the 20th Century Theater many times photographing weddings, playing shows, etc., but this was the first concert I’ve shot in the venue.  If ever a show was perfectly suited for a location it was this one.  The Wood Brothers are a fantastic trio that plays a mixture of bluegrass, folk and traditional country with hooks galore.  If you didn’t find yourself tapping your feet and bobbing your head at this show then you need to check your pulse.  More about that later though, first I’ll start with the opening act.  Piers Faccini, singer/songwriter from England via France and Brazilian cellist and singer Dom La Nena began the night in a subtle fashion with songs wrought with subtle emotion and soaring crescendos.  I first heard Piers nearly six years ago on a La Blogotheque Takeaway Show video that I happened to stumble upon.  I was immediately grabbed both by the unique concept of the Takeaway Shows and the sound of Faccini’s voice resonating through the old Roman church.  Watch the video and you’ll understand.

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Brian Bruemmer